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Positano. Montepertuso. Ci scrive Andrea: “It felt rather strange to move my first steps on rock after three month home training 🧗‍♂️.

Especially, because I went from climbing with multiple layers on to feeling the sun on my bare skin.

Of course, my hair are now much longer and my skin much softer.

I was surprised when I managed to send a 7c on my first day back. Yet, I was wondered how much I enjoyed the rock, once I forgot about the long studied moves and just climbed.

I’ve had a lot of time to think lately and I’ve come to realize that this is how I want to live my climbing. If there will be any room left for competing, it sure will be exciting, but not a priority.
There’s way too much rock to climb and way too many great things to be seen and done, to stay forever in a gym 🌎!”

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